The Active Datebook 18-19


$1.74 with rebate
Features You Need to Succeed – 144 full-color pages packed with organizational tools and full-color reference pages.
Full of Helpers for Your Success – Track assignments, healthy eating, parent/teacher communication, physical activity and goals.
Integrated with Our Active App – Back in the Day, What’s the Word, and Where in the World, Science Rocks and Eat Healthy challenges will get students on the road to success!
Earn Points for Participation – Allows students to earn points and prizes for doing the things they should!
Bonus Features Great for Middle & High Schoolers – Physically involve students in the learning process by encouraging completion of fun activities on various subjects.
Minimum order 25.
• 104 Calendar Pages – 52 Full Weeks
• 24 Monthly Pages – 12 Full-Page Monthly Calendars
• 2 Hall Pass Pages – Additional Passes Available
• 14 Reference Pages – Additional Inserts Available
AVAILABLE SIZES: Large (8.5” x 11”)

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