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School Datebooks is a private company, started 30 years ago by Sharon Powers. Sharon was a start-up entrepreneur before being a start-up entrepreneur was cool.

Sitting at her kitchen table in 1985, Sharon created the Central Catholic "Knightline" datebook. Immediately understanding the potential national market for datebooks, Sharon sold datebooks to all the surrounding schools.

The Knightline, Docket, Barn Door, Maveranda and Bronco Board helped thousands of kids throughout the local community succeed. One of those kids, Tim Powers, came home to run and grow the family business in 1995. Many current employees are sure the idea for a datebook was due to Tim's (now company president) inability to keep track of assignments. While that story has never been substantiated, we're pretty sure it's true.

From 5 local schools in 1985 to more than 12,000 today, and with Sharon's entrepreneurial spirit, School Datebooks continues to be an innovative, aggressive, enthusiastic company looking to grow and share our unique corporate culture. With offices in Lafayette, Ind., and Denver, Colo., we strive to continue our long-standing work in education.

Tim's original Knightline planner
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